.                                o    r    n    a    +    m    e    n    t    a    l          d    e    s    i    g    n


letterpress: whimsy & charm at klugapress

A cow. Crying over spilt milk. A cat. On a cat swing. How adorable are these?

Look for these papers (and others, including Duck Soup!) at klugapress. The Kluga Press philosophy: In an era of "the digital world," letterpress cards convey an intimate and personal style that cannot be achieved with commercially produced cards or the casual "e-card". Beautifully letterpressed onto high-quality papers using our antique press, these cards will impress and delight with their whimsical images and luxurious tactile quality.

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Brilliant Asylum said...

The cow card is hysterical--and perfect illustration for some of my notes. I must order some!

dianamuse said...

BA: The poor cow. And the look on the cat's face cracks me up.

Always nice to know you stopped by. Thanks for the comment.