.                                o    r    n    a    +    m    e    n    t    a    l          d    e    s    i    g    n



There's a pack of ten architecturally-endowed holiday greeting cards waiting for you at Jill Dryer's etsy digs right here. The face of the card features these delightful "trees of the architects" - the back is light blue and inside...b l a n k .

In her product description, Jill graciously offers a Who's Who refresher which includes the following backgrounders:

Zaha is a cool female architect from Iraq who won the Pritzker Prize (basically, the Oscar for architecture) a couple years ago.

Margaret McCurry is a lovely Chicago architect who works with her husband Stanley Tigerman.

Santiago designed the most recent Olympic Stadium, the Milwaukee Art Museum (which opens up like it has wings) as well as the Spire, a big high rise headed for Chicago.

My personal favorite? The FG, of course. How about you?


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