.                                o    r    n    a    +    m    e    n    t    a    l          d    e    s    i    g    n



Clever gift. Desktop accoutrement. Impromptu calling card.

Dauphine Press offers the wee Capriccio, the smallest of their Offcuts boxes. Each dainty box is filled with a beautifully cut stack of heavyweight cardstock, perfect for your mini musings or for a quick note-to-self. Hand covered in pages from vintage books cast off by local libraries, these boxes are part of a limited edition. Did I mention the price? A diminutive ten dollars.

But wait, there's more...

The Bagatelle is replete with two beautifully cut stacks of heavyweight cardstock, perfect for dispatching notes of distinction. Hand covered in sheets from vintage books, these boxes are part of a limited edition. A secret letterpress quote (I love that!) on the top card will inspire and enlighten you, as will Beth Nelson's original bird artwork which sits atop the opposite stack.

Offcuts, a bespoke line of paper goods was born of a collaboration between award-winning designer and artist Beth Nelson and Dauphine Press founder Trish Kinsella. Smart, spare and sustainable, this line of paper goods is dedicated to using materials already on hand in the Dauphine Press studio (yay!). The "offcuts" are derived from larger sheets of premium paper. Each Offcuts design repurposes this beautiful heavyweight card stock.

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