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visionaries: tim walker

Tim Walker's evocative images are full of textured nuance and intriguing detail. Stunning sets and lavish locations juxtapose the everyday with the absurd and the fabulous, to create captivating, original photographs.

Walker loves turning "funny daydreams into funny photographs," adding that he lives much of the time in an imaginary world, a world rooted in real-life and memory, specifically the British countryside of his childhood.

How does he pull off such elaborate productions? According to Andrew Thomas, one of Walker's agents:

Every season there comes a conversation with Tim on his ideas for upcoming stories. Tim is going to suspend a model on a giant hook; float a bathroom in the sea; paint various animals in pastel shades; attach a bed to the top of a classic car and then drive it; a roomful of rabbits; a tree in a house; a horse in a house. Then it dawns on you: how on earth is all of this going to be accomplished? Eventually, somehow, it all comes to fruition.

Walker's work is on exhibit at The Design Museum through September 28. Has anyone out there been lucky enough to see it?


:tim walker; daily telegraph; images © tim walker pictures


espionage said...

I can't believe it. I arrive in Paris on the 29th of September and leave for London FIVE days later, just in time to miss the exhibit by a week! Oh, frustration.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Beautiful images. That first one--sigh.